VNA Grinding

VNA Truck Problems


Are you having trouble with your VNA trucks? Are they running slow?    


The vast majority of VNA truck problems come down to the floor.


We can help. UberFlat can grind your floor so that the trucks will run at their maximum design speed.


You will have trucks with 99% uptime.


Your drivers will have a stress free and comfortable experience instead of bouncing around.


The grinding will be carried out by fully electric, ultra clean and quiet machines.


The payback (ROI) is usually between 12 and 18 months. We will suppply a fully costed proposal which makes the calculation easier


The Problem


Here in the UK warehouses with VNA aisles can have a variety of floor profiles.


Older warehouses may be using the trucks on free movement (FM) floors. Newer warehouses may have been ground to the Uk Concrete Society's TR34 DM1 or DM2 guidelines.


Both of the above senarios cause problems for trucks.


The Solution


Your floors needed to be flatter and crucially smoother.


We use a system invented by the VNA truck companies themselves to make the truck run perfectly


The system is much used in Europe but never mentioned by truck companies in the UK!


What Does this All Mean


Our system is fast. Up to 100 meters per 12 hour shift.


Our system is clean. Absolutely no dust, full stop.


We only use one aisle at a time and, you can still get access during the grinding.


If you are in the later stages of a lease contract and suffering problems then our system will help.


Call us and we can visit your site and explain our system and it's many benefits.


We are not cheap. Our system works and has a defined payback.


Your can use manual hand grinding or employ a company who offer TR34 DM1 or DM2 but it won't have the outcome you expect.


You may have alreadt been down that route and that's why your are reading this. Give us a call!


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