Joint Repair

Joint Repair


Industrial Floor joints are placed into the concrete slab as it is laid to prevent cracking. The industrial floor joint is really a gap filled with a flexible sealant. The two sections of concrete on either side of the joint are free to expand, or contract, and move relative to each other due to stresses within the concrete slab.


The top edge of the slab, that abuts the joint, is called an 'arris' (from the Latin 'arista') which is an architectural term and means 'a sharp edge formed by the meeting of two flat or curved surfaces'.



Around 70% of the 32,000 materials handling trucks sold every year in the UK have soild wheels.


Solid wheels mean your concrete floor joints have a hard life and minor damage can soon escalate into joint breakdown.


The floor joint arrisses suffer impact damage and begin to cause 'spalling' or crumbling.


Bad floor joints affect the efficiency of your operation. Trucks must slow down to traverse the bad joint. Truck drivers also suffer vibration injury from riding over bad joints in hard wheeled trucks.


Industrial joint repair can improve your efficiency as well as lower stress, tiredness and absenteeism amongst your drivers.


Our industrial floor joint repairs come in two types. Firstly, for joints that have minor damage we would re-seal the joint. Secondly, if the joint has become badly damaged then we would need to repair the joint arrisses.


Re-sealing the industrial floor joint is more cost effective then repairing the arrisses.



Floor Joint Reseal


Joints that are just showing sign of breakdown can be repaired more cost effectively by re-sealing the joint.



The joint is re-cut and filled with flexible joint sealant. This prevents further decay in the industrial floor joint. If the arris deterioration is too great the joint will have to have the arrisses repaired.


joint sealing

Floor Joint Arris Repair


Floor joints that have broken down need to have their arrisses replaced. This means that the concrete is cut away and replaced with a hard repair mortar. When the quick drying mortar is cured a new saw cut is made. The gap is then filled with flexible sealant.



joint arris repair


All our industrial joint repairs are ground smooth.



These repairs allow your trucks to travel at normal speed over the joint without feeling the transition.