Industrial Flooring

Floor Repairs


The bedrock of your factory, warehouse or distribution centre is the concrete slab that makes up your floor. Our concrete floor repair methodology has been built up over many decades of industrial experience.


The condition of the floor has a direct relationship to the overall efficiency of the facility. Deteriorating joints and cracks cause hard wheeled industrial trucks to slow down and suffer damage. The drivers also suffer more stress and injury from a bad floor causing sickness and absenteeism.


As the vast majority of industrial trucks are now hard wheeled and this can cause a massive problem.


Concrete floor repairs can help to alleviate these problems by fixing joints, filling cracks, and other remedies to inhibit corrosion, water ingress, sweating, delamination, heaving and myriad other problems.


Concrete floor repairs can become necessary when a reorganisation moves racking or equipment.


We can also advise on floor maintenance regimes that can help you save money long term.


All our concrete floor repairs are carried out dust free. We will also schedule repairs at the most convenient time for you. We will make sure the concrete floor repairs have the minimum impact on your operations.


The majority of concrete floor repair problems can be remedied by joint repair, joint re-seal and by repairing cracks.



Crack Repair

Crack Remediation