Concrete Grinding

Floor Grinding


Our industrial concrete floor grinding falls into two categories.


Firstly, the concrete grinding of whole areas of floor to change the surface properties for further processes, such as screeds or paints, or to increase efficiency.


The second category of concrete grinding is used in a specific areas of the warehouses namely very narrow aisle areas. In the very narrow aisles, we can grind the concrete floor to match the VNA truck specification.


Area Floor Grinding


We grind concrete floors using our dust free technology. This means minimum disruption to your ongoing activities whilst the floor grinding takes place.


We use this technology to produce floors for AutoStore grid installations.


Our concrete floor grinding equipment can remove old floor coverings like paint or epoxy. Old floor coverings leave hard to detach adhesives which can be removed by concrete grinding.


Concrete floor grinding produces a clean and smooth surface that results in the ideal environment for further treatment to be successful.


Concrete Floor Grinding of Free Movement Areas


The concrete grinding of free movement areas is used to upgrade the flatness. The upgrading of the flatness enables the materials handling equipment (MHE) to operate more efficiently after the floor grinding.


There is scientific evidence that the vibrations caused by uneven floors can cause major problems. The concrete grinding process can reduce these problems.


The problems consist of excess damage to equipment due to the vibrations caused by the floor. This causes lower up-time and higher maintenance bills.


The drivers of the equipment also suffer from the vibrations causing stress and injury.


Our dust free concrete grinding system can minimise these problems and make your warehouse more efficient.


VNA Aisle Concrete Grinding


High bay warehouses use very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks to access stock up to 18 metres high. The driver is carried high into the racking and any vibrations caused by the floor cause dynamic instability in the truck.


If you have a VNA warehouse and your trucks are runnning slow, we can process the floor to bring the aisles into line with the truck specification.


Uberflat can make sure that your VNA trucks can run at full speed even at full height.


Our VNA concrete grinding system produces the flattest and smoothest floors in the world.


A VNA truck costs around £80,000. Unfortunately, in the UK, most trucks never run at their full speeds due to floor conditions.


Concrete Grinding