Robot Floors

AutoStore and G2P Robotics


Here at UberFlat we can provide the services you require to enable AutoStore and G2P robot installations to function on a concrete floor.


Floor grinding to match the AutoStore specification. We use a fully automated, electrical and extremely clean system.


We provice all the services required for AMR's:


Cleaning to a special methodology.


3D Scanning to detect errors.


Surveying so that individual errors can be fixed.


Grinding to fix the errors.


Characteristic testing of roughness, gloss and friction.


Processes to modify surface characteristics, if required.


Compliance services to report the errors have been eradicated.


Our systems provide the most cost effective and fastest service available.


If you have an AutoStore or robot application, please call us and we will be happy to offer help and advice to get you moving.


All these services have been tried and tested on AutoStore and large scale G2P facilities.