AGV - G2P- AMR - AutoStore Robot Flooring Specialists


Free initial inspection site visit.


Are you thinking of employing AutoStore or AGV / AMR's in your distribution? Do you need a advice on the floor required? We can advise on the flatness charactersitics required to allow your AGV / AMR installation to run efficiently.


UberFlat can 3D scan your floor to capture 100% of the surface. We can process the pointcloud to allow analysis showing exactly where remediation is required.


We can process a concrete floor to make it compliant with AGV / AMR, AutoStore or G2P robot specifications. This includes surveying, grinding, joints, characteristic value ( testing and modification) and compliance reporting.


We have expereince in working on AutoStore Project,  AMR fulfilment centres and robot projects of all sizes.


Your AutoStore grid will install quickly on our floor.


Do you need advice on floor flatness guidelines? We can inspect your floor or carry out a floor survey.


If you are having a contractual problem regarding your floor, we can give advice.


If you have been given a flooring guideline and don't understand it, give us a call.


Old floors can be modified to allow AMR,   AGV,  AutoStore or G2P robot installation.


We aim to be your one point of contact for AGV - AutoStore - G2P - AMR concrete floor issues and solutions.


 ‘Within minutes of Uberflat coming in to quote for the work we were put at ease that the work required was something their team could execute professionally and without disturbance. This was carried out when the work was done professionally, efficiently and without much fuss.’ Director - Eldred Group

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